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What is the infrared wellness Sauna?

Our infrared sauna is designed to provide a comfortable and holistic treatment that combines cleansing, balancing, increased circulation, weight loss, anti-aging, pain relief and detoxification while stimulating the lymphatic system and increasing metabolism. These therapies are both relaxing and rejuvenating and has a unique ability to heat the body at lower temperatures than traditional saunas. The infrared sauna has several features designed to wrap you in comfort including an ergonomic contour seating, carbon heat with near, mid and far infrared lighting, hypoallergenic cedarwood for a luxurious and relaxing treatment.

Our sauna can deliver red, green, blue and black chromolight therapy as well as oxygen therapy, ionic Himalayan crystal salt and aromatherapy into a single treatment. In addition, the infrared sauna, combined with dry heat settings up to 140 degrees F, allows for hyperthermic fitness conditioning. At Beauty IQ, our sauna can address a variety of issues to enhance your health and wellness.

Infrared Wellness Sauna Spring TX

What kind of treatments are available with the infrared wellness sauna?

We offer several specialized treatment options to address the following concerns:

  • Weight loss and metabolism
  • Sleep
  • Acne
  • Pain

Sleep Sauna Experience

Prior to therapy you will be given cool water to sip in order to hydrate yourself in preparation for treatment. For this treatment you may choose to bring your own relaxing music or meditation. Your technician will customize your treatment settings and set the temperature to 125 degrees F. Once the sauna is closed, your therapy will begin. While you relax, your chosen music will flow through the speakers and air will cool your face and neck while your body gradually warms inside the machine. Infrared and LED light therapies in combination with heat will bring you into a state of REM sleep. If you do not sleep during your treatment, it will not detract from the benefits of your therapy and better sleep on an ongoing basis.

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How much do Infrared wellness sauna therapy cost?

  • Single Infrared Sauna Session (45 mins) Only $25!

  • Buy Packages and Save!! Packages expire 12 months after purchase nonrefundable or transferable

Acne oxygen sauna experience

This amazing treatment combines our full body acne fighting treatment with our acne facial for a truly beneficial and therapeutic experience. You will begin with a gentle, oxygen facial—a sea-based treatment which uses oxygen to wipe out bacteria causing acne and infection, leaving the face detoxified and able to heal more rapidly. This treatment has the added benefit of helping reduce swelling and improve pigmentation.

After your facial, you will move the sauna room where you relax in the comfort and warmth of your sauna. The technician will customize your setting for skin cleansing and set the temperature to 120 degrees F. After your luxurious sauna treatment, you will be led back the lounge area where you will further relax with warm tea.

Infrared Wellness Sauna Spring TX

Pain sauna

Sauna treatments are especially effective for pain of all kinds and this treatment is particularly popular with people who suffer from joint inflammation. Whether your pain in chronic or temporary, the combination of LED light, infrared heat and color therapy, will bring you relief. You will begin by sipping cool water to hydrate and prepare for treatment. Your technician will customize the settings for pain management and you will begin therapy. As you relax, the gentle massage and combination of infrared and LED light therapies will raise your body’s internal temperature, encouraging joint mobilization. This sauna therapy can also help boost immune function and encourage sleep.

Infrared Wellness Sauna Spring TX

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