Platlet Rich Plasma Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot

Platlet Rich Plasma Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot

The PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot is an all-natural, painless, nonsurgical procedure that can rejuvenate and revitalize vaginal and clitoral function, alleviate bladder leakage and give you dramatically improved sensitivity and significantly enhance your sex drive. This cutting-edge procedure uses the body’s own natural healing agents, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and growth factors that are derived from your own blood which stimulate increase blood flow and tissue regeneration.


  • Improves vaginal lubrication
  • Increases circulation & blood flow
  • Heightens sensitivity
  • Increases desire
  • Decreases urinary incontinence

The PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot is a minimally invasive in office procedure where PRP and growth factors are delivered directly into the upper vagina and near the clitoris. The platelet rich plasma contained in your blood contains growth factors which stimulate the production of collagen and tissue regeneration and importantly for the clitoris and vaginal walls, stimulates increased sensitivity and decreases incontinence.

The PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot is a quick and usually painless 20-minute non-surgical procedure. The procedure begins with a simple blood draw. Then, using a proprietary technique, Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted from the blood. There will be two injections into the numbed area near the clitoris and upper vagina. The PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot rejuvenates the tissue around the vagina to increase circulation and blood flow which heightens sensitivity, sexual desire and decreases urinary incontinence.

The PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot can generate both healthier and functional tissues in the tissue area of sexual response in the vagina. These areas are O-Spot, the vaginal wall and the urethra among others. Women with bladder leakage can experience up to 95% resolution of urinary incontinence. Results can last up to 3 years or longer in some women. On average, most women may return in 18 months.

The PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot is very safe. This is a minimally invasive procedure and since we are using the PRP derived from your own blood there is no risk of allergic reaction. It is performed quickly, without surgery in the privacy of our office. There may be some mild tenderness in the area but you may resume normal activities including sexual intercourse same day.

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