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What is a breast lift with PRP?

A Breast Lift with PRP (platelet rich plasma) is not an implant; it uses your own cells to regenerate more of your own natural tissue to increase breast size, add cleavage, smooth skin, and increase nipple sensation. This method of enhancement does not require surgery or lengthy downtime and has no risk of rejection because it uses the body’s own natural healing and growth agents to stimulate new tissue growth and collagen production. Results can last approximately two years and include more pronounced volume, better shape and volume, and more youthful appearance.

What does the breast lift with PRP procedure entail?

The breast life with PRP is a fast, safe procedure. The first step of the requires drawing blood and processing it to separate the PRP that will be injected into the breasts. Once this is done, the concentrated PRP is injected into the breasts to begin its work regenerating fresh new breast tissue. The result is rejuvenated breasts—newly generated blood vessels, fatty tissues, collagen—not transplanted. This procedure can naturally enhance and improve skin, cleavage, size, and shape.

PRP Breast Lift Spring TX

What is recovery like?

You may experience minor bruising or swelling at needle’s point of contact, but this is temporary and dissipates quickly. Unlike invasive surgery, there is no downtime and no risk of rejection or reaction because we use the body’s own natural PRP.

What is the cost for PRP breast lift?

To determine your exact cost, we will need to evaluate your breasts and discuss your goals to see how many treatments you will be required. The cost for a breast lift with PRP treatment at BeautyIQ is $1,100 - $2,000 for a single treatment.

PRP Breast Lift Spring TX

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