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Hormone Pellet Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions


Initial Consultation: $120

Three week follow-up with labs after initial therapy $80

BHRT (women every 90 days) $300

BHRT (men every 90 days) $600

BHRT (men every 90 days >2,000 mg) $700


Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy is the most natural way to deliver hormones to both women and men. A pellet is placed under the skin, that will consistently release small doses of bio-identical hormones over several months, providing optimal therapy.


  • Increase in strength
  • Regain energy and improve mental clarity
  • Increases in bone density and muscle mass
  • Improves performance and sexual health

Facts About Hormone Pellets

  • Hormone pellets are bio-identical to the hormones in the human body, and are a very effective way to deliver hormones in both men and women.
  • Hormone pellet therapy has been used with great success since 1938 and has been found to be superior to most methods of hormone delivery.
  • Pellets were frequently used in the United States from around 1940 through the late 1970’S.
  • Pellet therapy is not experimental.
  • Pellets consistently release small physiologic doses of hormones, avoiding the fluctuations of hormones seen with some other methods of delivery.
  • There is more data to support the use of pellets in hormone replacement therapy than any other method of delivery.
  • Hormones delivered by pellets bypass the liver, do not affect clotting factors nor increase the risk of thrombosis.
  • Testosterone pellets do not adversely affect blood pressure, lipids, glucose or liver functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How Does it Work?

Bio-identical Hormone Pellets are made up of either estradiol or testosterone. The hormones, estradiol or testosterone, are pressed or fused into very small solid cylinders. These pellets are larger than a grain of rice and smaller than a ‘Tic Tac’. In the United States, pellets are made by a licensed compounding pharmacist and delivered in sterile glass vials.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Your provider will diagnose the best levels of hormones to be administered.  Lab work is evaluated before therapy is started. The insertion of pellets is a simple and a relatively painless procedure. The incision area is numbed with local anesthetic before the procedure to insert the pellet. The pellets are usually inserted in the lower back or buttocks region through a small incision, then the area is taped closed. The pellets do not need to be removed. They completely dissolve on their own.

What are the results?

After pellets are inserted, patients may notice that they have more energy, sleep better and feel happier. Muscle mass and bone density will increase while fatty tissue decreases. Patients may notice increased strength, co-ordination and physical performance. They may also see an improvement in skin tone and hair texture. Concentration and memory may improve as will overall physical and sexual health.

Is it Safe?

For decades, physicians have been prescribing Bio-­identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for those who have experienced problems or have other concerns about the use of synthetic hormones.

Bio-identical Hormone Pellets have the same exact molecular structures as the hormones your body naturally makes. 

Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy is safe but there are some mild side effect associated after insertion.  There may be mild, temporary breast tenderness when you first start hormone therapy; which will get better on its own. There may be temporary water weight gain which will also resolve on its own. Patients may experience a mild form of “puberty” as their hormonal levels come up into normal ranges.

Ask about our monthly payment plans

We strive to make Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy affordable. Please ask about our monthly payment options during your initial consultation.   

Common questions  for Men:

Why does Testosterone decrease?

Natural drop in production, the average man loses 1% of testosterone each year after he turns 30. On average 40% of men 45+ have T levels of <300

Increased estrogen production (aromatase in fat cells) 

Medications Heart statin drugs, beta blockers, anti-depressants, and pain medications (Opiates). 

Signs of Low T

Increased body fat (mid-section), reduced muscle mass, strength and endurance, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, sleep difficulties/fatigue, anxiety, erectile Dysfunction/ low libido, lack of competitiveness, loss of motivation, mood disturbances/grouchy (“Irritable Male Syndrome” – withdrawal, sadness anxiety, frustration, lack of interest), and Depression. 

Low T is tied to increased blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities and impaired cardiac function

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy.

Protein synthesis / muscle growth in strength and size, Increased libido, Stronger erections, Better mood, Increased skin tone and More endurance

*Only 5% of men with low T are being treated !

Common questions for Women:

Drop in “hormones” correspond with signs of aging, Vasomotor symptoms, Vaginal dryness, Brain fog, Fatigue, Weight gain (mid-section), Loss of libido, Thin and dry skin, brittle nails, dry eyes, f droopy eyelids, thin cheeks, thin lips, mood changes, anxiety and  depression

**Not all problems are hormones related, but hormones play such a pivotal role in sense of well being.


Estrogen Has Over 400 Functions in the Body. Most commonly used to treat Vasomotor symptoms of menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, reduce Bone Loss  potentially decrease fractures (important as women age), increase metabolism, increase HDL (good) and Lower LDL (bad), decrease blood pressure and decrease plaque formation on arteries, improve mood, energy levels and sleep, improve dry skin by increasing water content – thick and soft, increase collagen content minimizing wrinkles, Improves body contouring, improves memory and cognition, research in showing benefits with Alzheimer’s, and helps prevent tooth loss. 


Progesterone – The Balancing Hormone
Enhances the beneficial effect of estrogen on cholesterol, Stimulates new bone growth, Increase scalp hair, Calming, Anti –anxiety – relaxing, Anti-inflammatory. May help to prevent breast cancer 

**Sometimes a woman may only need progesterone because some women are Estrogen dominant.


Causes of Low T

Menopause, Childbirth, 
Stress, Depression, Birth control pills, and Statin drugs. 

Signs of Low T
Decrease in muscle, Fatigue, and Weight gain. 

Benefits of Testosterone 

Improve energy levels, motivation, mental alertness. Improves insulin resistance, or the body’s response to sugar (this is important in those with family history of diabetes or those that are pre-diabetic), works with Estrogen and Progesterone to increase bone mass, Enhance libido, Increase integrity of skin (thin skin), not a weight loss drug. 

Without enough Estrogen, Testosterone cannot attach to the brain creating THE ANDROID WOMAN – hair loss from scalp, adult acne hair growth on chin and lip and HTN.

** Hopefully you can now see that the female hormones integrate together like different instruments in a symphony, the goal is hormone harmony.

Pro Pell Pellets certified

Are your pellets Pro-Pellets? Ours Are As a certified Pro-Pell provider, we provide our patients with superior quality pellets. Each batch of Pro-Pellets are sent to an independent lab for testing of potency before arriving at our practice. Ask us for more information today.

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